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Un mare di rischi, Genoa

In 2020, Genoa's Galata Maritime Museum hosted for six months the exhibition 'Un mare di rischi' (A sea of risks), which also followed the same format as the previous ones held in Milan and Parma. This exhibition particularly highlighted the role of Genoa in the history of maritime insurance. Thanks to the collaboration of the State Archives of Genoa, we were also able to exhibit the very first known insurance policy, which dates back to February 1343.

locandina mostra Parma.jpg

Ond'evitar tegole in testa!, Parma

In 2019-2020 it was Parma's turn; re-proposing the previous exhibition's format, the Mansutti Foundation set up the exhibition 'Ond'evitar tegole in testa!' (Avoiding unexpected accidents) at the APE Parma Museum. Taking advantage of the large spaces, a greater number of works could be exhibited, especially posters, as well as two further sections, one dedicated to piggy bank clocks, the other to the contemporary artist Ugo Nespolo.

mostra Sormani.jpg

Scacco al rischio!, Milan

In 2016, from January to April, Milan's Sormani Library hosted the exhibition 'Scacco al rischio' (Keeping risk in check), which outlined the history of insurance from its origins to this day. On display were numerous posters, antique and commemorative books, several policies dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and a large panel entirely covered with fire-plates.

foto mostra Brera 1996.jpg

The first documentary exhibition of the Mansutti Foundation took place in December 1996 at the Braidense National Library, in the setting of the beautiful Maria Teresa Hall. Ancient volumes and advertising posters were among the most valuable and emblematic exhibits from what used to be the Mansutti Library, subsequently turned into today’s Foundation in 2004.

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