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In 2008 dott. Vito Platania generously donated to the Foundation an important collection of fire insurance marks of insurance companies which operated in Italy for over a century, starting from the first half of the nineteenth century.


The collection comprises 437 marks for which Platania prepared 133 cards detailing the history of each insurance company, including the date of foundation and of any other company event worthy of mention, complete with the picture of the relative insurance fire mark. Each mark has been classified according to its rarity: c = common; r = rare; rr = very rare; rrr = extremely rare.


A valuable document on the development of fire insurance in Italy was thus created.


Today, thanks to an addiction of other important marks, the italian collection has reached the considerable number of 600.


In 2012, with a commendable gesture, dott. Vito Platania decided to donate to the Foundation also his collection of fire insurance marks of Hungarian companies, of which he was a passionate scholar. Thus another 200 marks, some of which extremely rare, were added to the previous ones and thanks to the generosity of this collector the Foundation now owns a truly enviable collection. The volume depicting  this new collection of fire insurance marks documents the evolution of fire insurance in Hungary.

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