the Foundation

The Foundation was created in Milan in 2004, when Francesco Mansutti donated his library and his historical archive focussed on the history of insurance, documented – from its origins to modern days – through its economic, legal, technical, social and customary aspects.


Of the various bodies that make up the Foundation the Scientific Board has the function of expressing its view on the Foundation’s activity programmes and on the results achieved.


Those sharing the Foundation’s cultural objectives and wishing to offer a direct contribution towards their achievement are invited to take part as Meritorious Members or Supporters.


In order to achieve its objectives, one of the activities of the Foundation is to enter into agreements with similar organisations, universities and research centres both in Italy and abroad. Thanks to such co-operation studies in the field of insurance can be promoted, with the added help of the valuable historical research resources made available by all the stakeholders. To this purpose scientific and educational Agreements have been signed with Università degli Studi di Milano (University of Milan) and with the consortium of universities CINEAS.


The library, archive and museum collections are entirely available in the online catalogue.


Opening time: monday-friday, 14:00-18:00

Person in charge: Marina Bonomelli

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