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a collection of approximately 2900 insurance policies gathered from around the world, which includes very old specimen dating back to the sixteenth century, when these contracts were still written by hand; a collection of 200 shares of insurance companies dating back to the eighteenth century.


over 450 posters with a common denominator: insurance. As well as serving the purpose of providing information, similarly to nineteenth-century edicts, posters also represent valuable evidence on the history of figurative arts and costume, with which they share an immediate and original relationship; through the evolution of their message, they manage in fact to document very effectively the development of the insurance sector.


more than 800 fire-marks, donated by a well-known scholar and collector. These marks, the use of which dates back to the seventeenth century, were affixed to the insured buildings originally to identify whose responsibility it was to extinguish a fire and only subsequently to advertise the insurance company’s name. The rarity of this collection lies in the fact that this practice has long fallen into disuse; as a consequence these plaques are now very difficult to find.

Our collection includes approximately 2900 old policies from all over the world: from handwritten marine insurance policies from the mid 1500s and some eighteenth-century English specimen embellished with elegant etchings, to the most recent twentieth-century policies ...

In 2008 dott. Vito Platania generously donated to the Foundation an important collection of fire marks of insurance companies which operated in Italy ...

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