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Associations and Foundations 


This page highlights some of the institutions, associations and foundations which deal with insurance and any related subjects, such as economics, law, statistics and actuarial mathematics.

International Insurance Law Association

Formed in 1960 for the purpose of promoting and developing collaboration between its members with a view to increasing the study and knowledge of international

and national insurance law and related matters. It plans international colloquia and national congresses

Assinews-Il portale del sapere assicurativo

Aimed at insurance service professionals and users, this website has been active since 1989 in the insurance publishing, training and advice sectors

Assoçiacão Portuguesa de Seguradores

Set up in 1982, this association gathers insurance companies operating in Portugal and represents its members’ interests, promotes co-operation among them, contributes to this sector’s development and negotiates and draws up

collective employment agreements

Centro per la cultura d'impresa

The Centre was set up at the Chamber of Commerce of

Milan for the purpose of promoting corporate culture

through the acquisition, protection and enhancement

of document sources produced by companies and other economic entities

Cineas for risk culture

Cineas for risk cultureThis non-profit university consortium was created in 1987 to promote culture and training in risk and loss management, create specialised competences and play a pivotal role between the insurance and business

world and the academic world

This website is dedicated to furthering the knowledge

of and divulging insurance law and any related legal

aspects: enterprise activity, intermediation and

contract regulation

The European Association for banking and financial history


Created in 1990 when Manfred Pohl realized, with the prospect of a united Europe, a co-operation between banking archivists and bank historians. Banks, insurance companies and further financial institutions are members of EABH

Fondazione Cariplo

Set up in 1991, in terms of resources this is today one

of the world’s top ten foundations. Its objective it to help social and civil institutions to be of better service to the community. The foundation offers contributions to public corporations, co-operatives, social enterprises,

ecclesiastical institutions and non-profit organisations

Forum Ania-Consumatori

Promoted by ANIA, this forum aims at facilitating dialogue between insurance companies and consumers. The project 

Io&irischi aims at supplying the young with the tools and the knowledge needed to confront problems and life choices more mindfully  

Insurance Skills Jam

Established in 2009, it is a free association and  non-profit organization, which aim is to promote the exchange of experiences and opinions in insurance through cultural collaborations, consisting in seminars and conferences 

aimed at broader issues of social, economic and

insurance interest

Istituto Datini

Set up in 1967 on the initiative of Federigo Melis, this is perhaps the most important international institution in the field of economic history of the 13th- 18th centuries. It houses a library specialised in the history of economics in the pre-industrial era


Museimpresa - Italian Archives and Company Museums Association - was born in 2001 with the support of Assolombarda and Confindustria with the aim of

identifying, promoting and networking the companies that have chosen to give priority to their cultural heritage

within their own strategies communication

SISE-Società Italiana degli Storici Economici

Set up in 1984 for the purpose of creating a community

to allow economic historians to discuss the discipline’s

themes and issues and to take part in the network of

various national organisations. Boasting almost 400 members, it organises congresses and study days

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